Elfen Lied: Sisters

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Somewhere in Japan, There was a Diclonius named Lucy. Lucy had pink hair and cat-like horns. She tried to be happy at the orphanage, but a boy named Tomo and his two friends constantly bully her for having horns, saying she wasn’t human. Lucy trusted a girl at the orphanage to keep Lucy’s puppy a secret, but she later told the boys just to see Lucy cry. However, their plan fails when two girls, who are surprisingly sisters, named Akiko and Reina adopt Lucy and find the puppy.


One afternoon, Akiko and Reina were in a blue car with their mom, Yukie.

Akiko was wearing an orange shirt, a black skirt, red wristbands, white socks and dark turquoise tennis shoes. She wore a lime green two-pointer hat with soft, white fluffy balls on the ends. She is dark skinned and her long hair is deep pink. Reina wore an orange dress with blue sandals she wore and hat that had cat ears and a cute cat face on it. Her skin tone is that of the same tone of Kohta and she has long, salmon pink ponytails. Yukie was dressed in a long red dress, red earrings and beautiful black high-heeled shoes. She had pink lipstick on. She had short, black hair and her skin tone is the same as Lucy’s.

Akiko: So you’re taking us to the orphanage to get a sister?

Yukie: That’s right.

Reina: That’s so nice of you, Mommy! We always wanted another sister! We’ll be nice to her and teach her more about life!

Yukie: And?

Akiko and Reina: We’ll make sure she doesn’t mind that thing we found out about.

Yukie: Good.

The traitor girl was with Tomo and his friends. They had the puppy Lucy loved. They were talking about Lucy and her puppy and ways to torment them.

Tomo: What? What’s that freak doing with a dog?

Traitor Girl: She made it her pet and she takes care of it. She’s really happy when she’s playing with it and it likes her!

Tomo: I can’t have that! She’s the demon’s child so if that thing likes her it doesn’t deserve to live. I can’t wait to see her cry!

The traitor girl gave an evil smile.

Tomo: Now let’s go.

The puppy barked for help and Akiko and Reina heard it. They ran it the direction they heard it from and just like that, Akiko and Reina saw Tomo and his friends with the dog, and they knew about that dog. It is their new dog and it wanted to get away from Tomo and his friends! They ran up to Tomo and his friends and snatched him from the boy in the pink shirt.

Akiko: Cool! A puppy!

Reina: You'll make the perfect gift for our new sister!

Traitor Girl: That’s your dog?

Akiko: He is now.

The puppy licked Akiko’s face.

Reina: Anyway, me and Akiko are looking for the right sister to adopt.

Traitor Girl: You’re sisters? Will you adopt me?

Akiko: In this order, yes. Second, no. we don’t want you. Our mommy told use you had three boys and TWO girls. We want to see the other one.

Boy in blue and white shirt: You don’t want to see her!

Reina: Yes, we do.

Pink-shirted boy: No, You’re making a mistake!

Akiko: No, we’re not!

Tomo: That other girl is a damn freak! She has horns! She’s not a human!

Akiko looked at Tomo with cold eyes and she slapped him in his face! The traitor girl and Tomo’s friends gasped. Tomo touched his face afterwards.

Tomo: Why did you do that?!

Akiko: You jerk! That’s a very mean thing to say!

Reina: She has a point.

Akiko and Reina left with the puppy.

Yukie was in the office with the teacher.

Teacher: So you want to adopt one of the girls here.

Yukie: Yes. I would like a family of 3 daughters.

Teacher: One is a brown-haired girl how loves to learn and the other one is different. She is pink-haired and she has horns. They make her look like some sort of cat to me.

Yukie smiled.

Yukie (thinking): That’s the one I want. She can relate to Akiko and Reina.

Teacher: But…

Yukie: Hmm?

Teacher: Because of these horns, she has been picked on by the three boys here. They call her hurtful words like “demon’s child”. If she goes with you and your daughters, she won’t be treated like that, right?

Yukie: Of course not. My daughters and I have nothing against horned-people or anything. We only care if the child is nice and that she gets along very well with us. It’s not nice to tease people about their appearance.

Teacher: Just what I wanted to hear.

The door opened and Akiko and Reina appear.

Akiko: Mommy, we’re gonna go look for out new sister. Can you hold this puppy for a while, please?

Yukie: Ok. Keep in mind when you find her, I’ll be outside already.

Akiko: Ok.

Akiko shuts the door. The puppy tried to lick Yukie’s face but she moved her face away.

Akiko and Reina walked down the hall looking for Lucy. Akiko blew off her hand that she used to slap Tomo. Lucy was in the classroom and she was smiling. The door opened and Reina and Akiko appeared they saw Lucy’s horns and smiled.

Reina: Hi, there! What’s your name?

Lucy: Lucy.

Akiko: Get everything you own. You’re getting out of this place.

Lucy looked a little confused.

Lucy: What?

Akiko: We came here to pick a sister to live with us, so we choose you.

Lucy: Ok. Follow me to my room. I have to tell you something about my life here.

As Lucy talked to Akiko and Reina, Lucy guided Akiko and Reina to her room. As Lucy opened the door and entered with Akiko and Reina, Akiko and Reina looked surprised to see many hand marks all over the walls. Lucy packed all of her belongings.

Akiko: So that’s why they pick on you? Glad I slapped that Tomo guy.

Lucy: Yes. They keep calling me things like “freak”. But it’s good that our mom has the puppy with her. I was so worried.

Akiko and Reina removed their hats.

Reina: Look, look. We have horns, too, so don’t feel alone.

Lucy, Akiko and Reina walked outside with their stuff and started to look for Yukie. Tomo and his friends were together, walking, with Tomo rubbing his face.

Tomo: I can’t believe they’re adopting her. Now she’s gonna run free and be treated like a human when she’s not.

Pink-shirted boy (pointing): Hey, is that them, with her?

Tomo: What?

Tomo and his friends looked and they gasped. They saw Akiko and Reina and their horns. They grabbed rocks.

Tomo and his friends: FREAKS!

Reina: What the--?

Lucy, Akiko and Reina turned around and saw the boys behind them. The boys threw the rocks at the girls but they missed. Akiko started to get mad.

Akiko: What do you creeps want now?

Tomo: To stop you! None of you are human! You’re trying to take her away to live you! That’s why you stood up for her!

Reina: At least it’s better than leaving her with people like you! Lucy told us everything you did to her over horns! She’s coming home with us where it’s safe and fun. Get used to it!

The boys started to walk near them.

Lucy: We need to leave for home, now!

Akiko, Reina and Lucy ran away to find Yukie. The boys weren’t going let them get away so easily. They ran after them they were only a yard away and they were almost catching up.

Akiko: Oh, like hell you are!

Akiko activated one her 50 vectors and she used it to trip the boys.

Akiko: Heh.

Tomo: Shit! Get up! They’re getting away!

The brats struggled to get up and they finally were able to. And they ran slower because they were still in pain.The girls ran for another minute and found Yukie and The puppy with the teacher.

Reina: Mom! We found you!

Akiko: This is Lucy.

Lucy: Hi.

Yukie: You are so cute! You ready to go home?

Lucy: Yes.

Yukie: Great. Just get in the car.

Yukie, Akiko, Lucy, Reina and the puppy got in the car. Yukie started it up and pulled the car lever, stepped on the gas panel and drove off.

Tomo: Dammit! Those freaks got away!

Teacher: That’s enough, Tomo! Everyday, it was the same thing with you! You and your friends were always tormenting Lucy because she was different. Give it a rest!

Tomo: But, teacher!

Teacher: No buts! Now I want you and your friends to in the classroom and write "I will not torment and I will not swear."… Now.

The boys started to mumble as they walked back inside.

Yukie was driving the car home. Reina, Lucy, Akiko and the puppy were in the back talking.

Reina: Then we have these hats. We use them to hide our horns.

Lucy: How many hats do you have?

Akiko: Eighteen. Mommy doesn’t want us to use the same hat over again, so she buys a lot of them.

Reina: They are all in our closet with our clothes. We’ll show you.

The car stopped.

Yukie: We’re already here, you know.

Akiko opened the car door. She, Lucy, Reina and the puppy came out. Lucy looked up in surprise. Their home was a deluxe mansion. Yukie turned off the car, got out and closed the door and locked it. She walked up to the house and unlocked the door. The house inside was beautiful. There were clean, white walls and purple rugs and everything else a rich people would have in their home.

Lucy: It’s beautiful.

Reina: We already told you, our mom is a researcher and it pays her well.

Akiko run upstairs.

Akiko: To our room!

Lucy smiled and she ran up with Reina. The puppy followed them.

Yukie: Play nice.

Yukie locked the house door and she dressed in shirt and pants. She started her computer. Reina opened the door to the room and turned on the lights. There were toys, video games, a computer, a huge wall TV, and an incredibly large bed with purple covers with three blue, soft pillows. There were also 2 other doors (one for bathroom and a manga and anime storage. Lucy saw how big the room and the bed were along with white walls and purple carpet. She puts her bag on the bed and takes her clothes out and hangs them in the closet. Reina and Akiko put their hats in the closet.

Reina: That’s everything.

Akiko: So what do you want to do, Lucy?

Lucy: I want to play with this.

Lucy holds up a game that showed fighters, both male and female.

Akiko: That’s “Ultimate Fighter”. It’s a fighting video game.

Reina (pointing to a game station): It goes in this game station.

Akiko: Hold this.

Akiko has a game controller in her hand and gives it to Lucy while Reina turns on the game.

Moments pass and Lucy is shown playing the fighting game with Reina. The puppy is asleep and Akiko watches the battle. Lucy and Reina rapidly pressed buttons and moved control sticks. Reina’s female fighter character loses all health. Lucy’s female fighter won!

Reina: 10 losses and 7 wins.

Akiko: And that was her first time.

Yukie: Akiko! Lucy! Reina! Dinner’s ready!

Lucy, Akiko and Reina went downstairs and found out that Yukie made Onigiri, Curry and Soba noodles with dipping and some water.

Akiko: Wow! It all looks tasty!

Yukie: We're celebrating because of Lucy.

Lucy: Me?

Yukie: You're part of this family now and it's great to have you here.

Lucy smiled. She felt love and kindness. This life is so much better than being at the orphanage. Not only did she meet sisters like her, she found a great parent and she could keep her puppy.


Back in the orphanage, there were pushing sounds. Tomo pushed the traitor girl because he was mad. Mad that he couldn't torment Lucy now.

Tomo: This is all you fault.

Traitor Girl: Oh sure. How was I supposed to know she would get adopted today?

Boy in blue in white shirt: Even worse, the girls who adopted her have horns, too!

Traitor Girl: What?

Pink-shirted boy: They even have a mom who is rich, so they're gonna have fun all of the time, now!

Tomo: And the whole point of this was to get her to leave this world because it was made for humans. Her sisters saved her.

The traitor girl got up.

Traitor Girl: All that work pretending to be that stupid girl's friend for nothing. Who knows what they're doing now? They might be having fun with the puppy, too. We know she won't want to come here ever again because of you and your friends.

Tomo started to think. Five seconds later, he was done thinking.

Tomo: We'll just have to leave this place bring those monsters here, and then... they leave. So here's the plan.

Tomo whispered the plan to the other brats. They smiled saying how good it is. But little did they know their evil plan would completely fail and their future would not be good.


(This is the part where the brats die and the pets are saved from them.)

Lucy and her puppy were asleep in the bed. Akiko and Reina were ready to wake her up.

Akiko: Lucy. Lucy. Wake up. We want you to see two more friends.

Lucy opened her eyes and yawned the puppy woke up also and stretched.

Akiko pulled out a kitty with a black body with white paws and a white tip on her tail, along with a white face with a black hair turf. and Reina pulled out a white bunny. The cat meowed.

Lucy: Wow! They're so cute! Who are they?

Akiko: This is Ayaka.

Reina: And this is Jun. These are our other pets we got a few weeks ago.

Reina and Akiko put Ayaka and Jun near Lucy so she could pet them.

Lucy: Hi there.

Ayaka and Jun approached Lucy and her puppy. The puppy licked Jun and Ayaka before they cuddled Lucy.

Reina: By the way, Lucy, what are you going to name the puppy?

Lucy looked up at Reina and then to the puppy.

Lucy: I haven't thought of that at all.

Akiko: Well, how about Umi?

Reina: Why that?

Akiko: I sort of have water on the mind right now.

Lucy: I'll go with that.

Lucy looks at her puppy.

Lucy: From now on, you are Umi.

The puppy happily barked. He likes that name.

Akiko: I can't wait to tell Mom! Oh, speaking of her, it's time for breakfast. Who knows what she'll make.

Akiko, Lucy and Reina walked to Yukie's room and they saw her sleeping.

Akiko: Mommy, wake up. It's time for breakfast.

Yukie woke up and yawned. She was a little too tired but she made some omelettes. As the sisters ate Yukie told them about a zoo.

Yukie: I want you three to go to the zoo and enjoy yourself. You know where it is right, Reina?

Lucy: A zoo?

Yukie: It's a place where you get to see animals like tigers and elephants. You might be able to pet them.

Reina: It's supposed to be fun for kids like us.

Akiko: So, what time do we go?

Yukie: At noon. It's 10:48 now so get clean and dressed as soon as you are done eating.

Lucy: Can we take Ayaka, Umi and Jun?

Yukie: Well... ok. But keep them in your arms at all times.

Lucy: Why aren't you taking us?

Yukie: Akiko wants to walk to the zoo with you and Reina.

Lucy and Reina looked at Akiko and Akiko smiled at them. When the sisters and pets walked out, Lucy was wearing a blue top with a light blue skirt with white socks and dark blue tennis shoes, Reina was wearing a yellow dress with white stockings and black Mary-Janes and Akiko was wearing a pink shirt with purple pants with blue sandals along with a green watch. Lucy's hat was a blue sun hat, Akiko wore a cat hat and Reina was wearing a black sleeping hat with a pink heart on it.

Lucy: Ready?

Akiko: Yeah! I can't wait! What about you, Reina?

Reina: Of course.

The girls picked up their pets and they walked to the zoo.

Yukie: Have a good time, and be careful!

Lucy: We will.

Yukie shuts the door and smiles with hope that the girls would have a fun time. Lucy, Akiko and Reina walked 3 miles and with their pets they saw were now in the forest.

Reina: I'm starting to get tired.

Akiko: We're almost there.

The girls walked a little bit more and saw the orphanage and gasped.

Lucy: Oh, no.

Reina: It's OK, we'll just pass it fast and head to the zoo.

Akiko: Yeah.

What they girls didn't realize is that Tomo and his brat friends were watching them from under the bushes. Without warning, they grabbed Umi, Ayaka and Jun and the pets yelped out.

Akiko: What the--?!

Reina: Ayaka, Jun, Umi!

Lucy: Give them back!

The Diclonius sisters chased after the boys, in hopes of getting their pets back. They went in the orphanage and into the classroom Lucy was last seen in. When they got in there, Tomo grabbed Lucy, his friend in the pink shirt grabbed Reina and his friend in the blue and white shirt grabbed Akiko.

Akiko: Hey, let go of us!

Boy in blue and white shirt: We don't have to take orders from you!

Lucy: What do you want with us?!

Tomo: To do what should have been done a long time ago! Getting rid of these stupid things and you!

Reina: If you hurt them, you'll be sorry!

Boy in pink shirt: Yeah, right!

Lucy, Akiko and Reina started to growl. Then they heard an evil giggle come out.

Traitor Girl: Stupid girls. You thought you could live in this world happily and be treated like actual humans?

Lucy: That voice... No... It can't be.

They saw the traitor girl with her hands cover her eyes. She takes them off revealing her true face.

Reina: That's the girl from the last time we came here!

Lucy: You know her?

Reina: She was with those boys and they had Umi with them.

Reina also took a look at her feet and saw Ayaka, Umi and Jun tied together in jump rope.

Reina: Jun! Umi! Ayaka!

Lucy: But I thought she wouldn't tell them about him or they would torture him! She promised!

Traitor Girl: Humans have no problem trusting other humans. You three are not humans. Your horns prove it.

The boys took off the Diclonius sisters' hats.

Tomo: You think you're so smart, but you're not.

Akiko became upset.

Akiko: You lied to our sister and kidnapped our pets for a stupid reason like that?! You bitch!

Tomo: This coming from one of the demon's children.

Akiko: She deserves it! And I'm not a demon child!

Traitor Girl: You're monsters! You're inhuman! You'll never be human. You don't deserve to live in this world.

Tomo: This world was made for humans!

Both of Tomo's Friends: Like us!

Traitor Girl: But it's not only because of that... you didn't adopt me and screwed up our plan.

Reina: As if we ever wanted to adopt someone like you!

Akiko: Seeing how evil you are over what people look like, you'd be the wrong one to adopt!

Lucy: Just like the idiots behind us!

Tomo and his friends: What?!

The traitor girl got mad and grabbed a vase. She took out the flowers and then smacks the table hard. Reina, Akiko and Lucy gasped.

Traitor Girl: You want me to hit the things this hard?

Tomo: That's a great hit. Do it!

The traitor girl smiled and then walked over to the pets getting ready. Ayaka, Jun and Umi were still making noises.

Lucy: No! If she does that then...

Reina: They'll get hurt really bad!

Akiko: Then, they...

The brats laughed. Lucy, Reina and Akiko started to get really mad. Their voices became filled with anger.

Akiko: Damn you... You little... dirty... This... is unforgivable...

Lucy: We hate all of you horrible beings...

Reina: To the bottom of our beating hearts...

Tomo: So?

Traitor Girl: Who cares?

Both of Tomo's Friends: We don't care!

The Diclonius sisters were quiet for a few seconds. Then...

Lucy: You want to know what isn't human? You want to know what isn't human?!

Reina: The true inhumane ones...

Akiko: The real monsters are...

Lucy, Akiko and Reina: PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

Suddenly one vector from each of the sisters started to come up. They striked for the traitor girl. Akiko and Reina's vectors hit the traitor girl causing her to stop and giving her pain. Lucy's vector cuts off the traitor girl's hand that was holding the vase. The boys were horrified and so was the traitor girl. She started to scream very loudly.

Traitor Girl: MY HAND!!

The boys shuddered with fear.

Pink shirted boy: What just happened?!

Blue and white shirted boy: That's really messed up, hands aren't supposed to fall off like that!

Reina activated 2 more vectors and used them to grab Tomo and his friends' necks. They were forced to let go. Akiko then activated 3 more to punch the boys. Lucy used her 4 vectors to lift up the traitor girl and the boys to the wall. They saw the look on the faces of the sisters. They saw that they were mad. Reina used one more vector to free Umi, Jun and Ayaka by cutting the jump rope. Umi went back to Lucy, Jun went back to Reina and Ayaka went back to Akiko.

Tomo: No!

Reina: Be quiet!

Tomo went silent.

Reina: You four went way too far! I cannot believe you would do such a thing to three wonderful animals!

Akiko: Just what kind of "human" even thinks about killing a puppy, kitty and bunny? You guys are the most inhumane people ever! You're trying to make us miserable because of our horns and because the animals are friends with us! It's sick but I guess you are all too stupid to know that!

Lucy: Umi, Jun and Ayaka have more to live for than you jerks!

Lucy ran up to the brats, kicks Tomo in the stomach and she starts to point him.

Lucy: You should have left me alone.

She walked to his friends, punched them and then pointed to his friends.

Lucy: You never should have helped him.

She finally pointed to the traitor girl.

Lucy: And you... you lied to me... you said you wouldn't tell them about Umi. You said you would be there for me. You even said bullying a girl is wrong! But...

Lucy's voice grew louder and she started to drop tears.

Lucy (yelling): YOU LIED! You're just like him and his stupid friends! You only care about torturing others because they aren't like other humans! You used me!

Lucy slaps the traitor girl.

Reina: Lucy...

Akiko: Sis...

Lucy: Just because we have horns, doesn't mean you should make our lives a living hell! I've had with all of you!

The brats whimpered.

Traitor Girl: Teac--!

Reina used another vector to choke the traitor girl.

Reina: The teacher is not going to help you!

Lucy: Starting now, this world will be made for us, too. But you won't be in it!

Lucy used her vectors to throw the four brats to the other wall. The brats fell down and Akiko used her vectors to grab them. Lucy used her vectors on the brats' eyes making the blood come from them and make them scream.

Brats: Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Lucy, Reina, and Akiko started to really torture the brats.

( This part shows the upper wall in the room the kids and animals were in.)

The screaming contined and some desks breaking along with the walls being banged against started until after 12 seconds. Eight slicing sounds were made along four explosion sounds. Blood splattered on the TV, desks, walls and flowers and their vases.

The teacher was in the office with 4 couples.

Teacher: So, you want to adopt the 4 kids here?

Wife 1: Yes. We want a child.

Husband 4: Can you show us?

Teacher: Then, follow me, please.

When the teacher made it to the door and opened it, she screamed. The couple saw what she saw. The wives screamed and the husbands said some comments that matched this scene.

Husband 1: Holy shit!

Husband 2: Oh my!

Husband 3: Oh, God!

Husband 4: That's not right!

Wife 2: Those poor...!

Wife 3: No, no no!

Wife 4: This is terrible!

Wife: This can't be, no!

The teacher puked.

Teacher: How could anyone do this to four little kids?

She reached for the phone and called the police.

Teacher: Police! You have to come! Quick!

Lucy, Akiko, Reina, Umi, Jun, Ayaka were not in the room that time. They were outside. They even had their hats with them and they were heading home.

Akiko: It's a good thing we got you out of that place, huh, Lucy?

Akiko heard no respone.

Akiko: Lucy?

Reina tugged on Akiko's shirt. Akiko stopped for her.

Reina: She's behind us, crying.

Akiko turned around and saw Lucy crying, also.

Lucy: I'm sorry. This is my fault.

Reina: It's not.

Lucy: It's not fair. Why did this have to happen? Just because we're a little bit different?

Umi rubbed against Lucy's leg, but that didn't cheer her up.

It started to rain heavy on the Diclonius Sisters. Akiko, Reina and Lucy carried their pets and ran for home. Whatever they did to the brats, they killed them. But what would happen? How will the killings majorly effect them? And if they couldn't trust that girl, who can they trust other than Yukie?


It was 3:17 in the afternoon when the sisters and pets made it to home. It was still raining heavily and the lights in the room were off. Akiko was playing a hand-held game with Ayaka on her head, Reina was drawing and coloring with Jun watching and Lucy was giving dog kibbles to Umi one at a time. The news was on in their room. The newswoman was talking about the kids they killed.

Newswoman: Four bloody killings took place at noon today at the Area Children's Home. Four kids were found brutally murdered.

The media then showed what how the kids were killed. This shocked many families. They gasped and looked with horror. The kids were more scared than their parents. Tomo, his friends and the traitor girl's body parts were cut off. Lucy, Akiko and Reina showed no regrets. They hated those kids because they hated them for their horns and tried to hurt them for it. To the sisters, they deserved to die.

Newswoman: Hands, feet, arms, legs and everything. They were most likely tormented like this until they were nothing but torso. Still no trace of their heads were found. There are still no leads for this mysterious and brutal crime. The police will make sure the the killer or killers will be--

(Note: The sisters talk quietly is this scene.)

Lucy: Please change it to something else.

Reina grabbed the remote and changed it to an anime channel second episode for an anime series.

Lucy: Why are the even making a big deal about kids like them? They just don't know what kind of monsters they were.

Akiko: No kidding. Those guys didn't even give us a chance. Why is being different so bad that the innocent ones have to get involved? Those rotten little... *sighs*.

Lucy: Anyway...

Akiko: What?

Lucy: These things that killed them... they only activated for the first time when I was really mad. But that time when the boys tripped... that was one of you, wasn't it?

Akiko: It was me.

Lucy: What happened?

Akiko sighs.

Akiko: It all started when I went to this elementary school. I walked in there to do this thing called "learn". All of the kids kept picking on me because I had horns. They called me "demon girl".

(Scene flashes to Akiko's past.)

In her past, Akiko is wearing a purple shirt with orange pants and blue shoes. She is wearing a red star hair clip for her hair. She is walking down a school hallway with a book in her hand. A girl in a black dress, with white stockings and black shoes along with 2 boys, one wearing green pants, a light green shirt and black shoes and one wearing yellow shirt with blue jeans and white shoes, watching her.

Girl: Look at the demon girl! She's trying to learn and fit in like us!

Boy: What makes her think she can?

Boy 2: I don't know. Hey, why don't you go back to where you came from?

Akiko: Why don't you just back off?

Another girl and her 4 female friends and 5 male friends start to throw pencils, crayons, crumbled up pieces of paper and even rocks they picked from outside at Akiko's head.

Akiko: Ow!

All the kids start to laugh.

Akiko: Who threw those?

Girl 2 (pointing at her friends): That would be us.

Akiko starts to growl and she picks up one of the rocks.

Akiko: You evil little... Eat this!

Akiko throws the rock at the girl but she misses because she dodges.

Girl 2: Ha! You missed me!

The kids start to laugh again.

Then a woman's voice is heard.

Teacher: What's going on? Are you all tormenting Akiko again?

Boy 3: No! The teacher!

Boy 4: Run for it!

The kids ran away and the teacher walked near Akiko. The teacher was wearing a light blue work outfit and dark blue high heels. Her hair was purple with eyes to match.

Teacher: Are you alright? Where did these rocks come from?

Akiko moved away from her.

Akiko: You weren't there. You let them beat me.

Teacher: What?

Akiko: I'm going home. This is hell.

Akiko gets her belongings and leaves.

Teacher: Hey, wait! School's not over yet!

There was no stopping Akiko from leaving. She ran at her highest speed and left the school. She made it to the city on her way home. The adults were talking about her.

Akiko (voice over): This type of torment got so bad, I had to leave school in order to feel better.

Man: Hey, isn't that the horned-girl?

Woman: Looks like it. She left school early again.

Man 2: Those kids must have done something to her. In my youth, you couldn't get away with picking on people.

Woman 2: I know they're just doing it because of those horns, but how will this end? A lady won't be able to make it in life if she runs away from her problems.

Akiko (voice over): I went there for 3 weeks and a half. On the 3rd day on the fourth week, those monsters tried to do something so mean to me, they had to die.

Akiko is shown walking out of the bathroom. The classroom doors open and all of the kids have rocks in their hands.

Boy and Girl: FIRE!

Akiko: What?

All of the kids threw their rocks at Akiko. Akiko ran away and tried to block, but another girl used her leg to trip Akiko off the stairs. Akiko groans and the kids cheer and laugh.

Girl: What's wrong, demon? Did you hurt your face, head and horns? I hope so!

Akiko got up and she looked mad.

Akiko: You are all stupid.

Girl: What did you say?!

Akiko: You're all inhumane brats. If I am going to live in this world peacefully, I have to kill people like you.

Boy: What was that, you--

Akiko activated her vectors and decapitates the boy.

Akiko: It's my turn.

The kids scream.

Boy 3: What the hell?!

Girl: She killed him! She--

Akiko decapitates the girl who tripped her. She gets up and started her killing spree. She managed to kill all of her tormenters in various ways using her vectors. In the end, she is drenched in blood. She leaves the school.

Akiko (voice over): I was covered in so much blood. When I calmed down, I left this place for good. And it was raining outside. I was still sad. I never felt so hated all because of my horns.

Akiko walks to home and she stops in the middle when she hears a meow and sees a wet Ayaka.

Akiko (voice over): That was the same day I met Ayaka. She was so wet and cold and miserable. I had to take her in.

Akiko picks up Ayaka and Ayaka licks Akiko's face out of gratitude. Akiko smiled.

Akiko (voice over): We've been traveling with each other for a while before Mom, a.k.a. Yukie came.

Yukie is dressed in a blue top and dark blue pants, driving in her blue car and sees Akiko washing off blood. She became concerned about Akiko.

Yukie: Hey, what are you doing in the rain?

Akiko: Getting clean.

Yukie: What happened?

Akiko: I don't want to talk about it.

Yukie: Maybe you should come with me until your parents come.

Akiko: I have no family.

Yukie: Huh?

Akiko: Besides, why should I trust a human? They all make fun of me for having horns.

Yukie: You're the horned-girl everyone is talking about?

Akiko: Yes. and this is my cat. We're staying out here.

Yukie: Even if you had a bad time, you shouldn't be out here.

Akiko: It's safe because I'm away from the evil brats.

Yukie: You can come with me. I have no kids because I never married.

Akiko didn't budge in emotion.

Yukie: If you come with me, I can help you and that cat get warm and fed.

Akiko looked at Ayaka and then Yukie.

Akiko: Ok, but I want to go to my old house first.

Yukie: You live at home all by yourself?

Akiko: It's safe, though.

Akiko got in the car with Yukie and she gave directions to her old home. Yukie made it there and Akiko packed all her things. As she did so, Yukie pets Ayaka, but her mind was concerned about Akiko.

Akiko is shown in a blue skirt and a yellow shirt at the dinner table, then shown in bed with anime and manga, with Ayaka by her side.

Akiko (voice over): As soon as I packed everything, we left to go to the new house she lives in. I was fed, given new clothes to wear and everything. She even bought me anime and manga to read. But then, she gave me hats to wear outside because she wants me to go out sometimes. So I was always very happy.

(Akiko's Flashback ends.)

Akiko: The end.

Ayaka meows.

Reina: You're the only one that didn't have a "friend in trouble" part, until now. I was able to make one friend even though she was human. She is a lot more truthful than that little liar girl from a while ago.

Akiko: Really?

Lucy: So what happened?

Reina: I was living in a neighborhood. There were a bunch of kids. They didn't go to school. They kept tormenting me every chance they got. I kept getting hit with sticks and water balloons.

(Scene flashes to Reina's past.)

Reina is seen running in a grassy field. She is wearing a dark green dress and white sandals.

Reina: Gotta go back inside. Hurry! Hurry!

Three boys and two girls were chasing her carrying sticks.

Boy: Get back here, monster!

Girl: Take your punishment!

Reina: Leave me alone! I didn't do anything!

Girl 2: You living in this world and you have horns. You're a demon!

Reina: I'm not a demon!

Boy 2: You are, too! Now stop running!

Reina: Not until you leave me alone!

Boy 3: You can't get away with living in this world like that!

Reina tripped on a large, heavy rock. She tried to get up.

Girl: We got her now! Attack!

But a female kid-like figure ambushed the brats with a larger stick by jumping into action.

Female Kid Figure: Leave her alone, you damn bastards!

The girl figure whacked the kids on random parts of their body, causing scratches.

Girl: Ow, that hurt!

Girl 2: Why the hell did you do that?!

Female Kid Figure: You deserved it.

The kids got on their feet and ran away.

Boy: We're telling the bosses about this!

Boy 2: This isn't over!

Boy 3: You can't keep her away from getting it!

Female Kid Figure: Bosses my foot. Are you ok, half-cat girl? My name is Aki.

Reina: I'm fine. Thanks for saving me. These are horns. My name is Reina.

The girl figure gave Reina her hand so she could get up. Reina managed to get a good look at the girl. Her hair was short and blue with eyes to match, She had on a yellow shirt with orange shorts and she was wearing black sandals.

Aki: Horns, huh? Is that why those jerks were after you?

Reina: They tried to hurt me for having horns. Who are "the bosses" ?

Aki sighed. She hates talking about it.

Aki: "The Bosses" are the two siblings who think they can allow or reject kids from their group. The older brother is Tetsuo and the younger sister is Juri.

Reina: Why do they want to harm me?

Aki: Because you are different. You're the only girl who has horns here. They think you're a monster and they want to kill you for it, so you're in deep shit.

Reina gasped.

Reina: Kill... me?

Aki tried to calm her down.

Aki: It's okay! Don't worry! I'll protect you.


Aki: You don't even look like a monster. You look like a cat girl with no tail.

Reina looks at Aki.

Reina (voice over): Aki was being honest about what I looked liked to her.

Aki: So while I'm protecting you from them, what do you want to do?

Reina: Play?

Aki : Ok.

Scenes show Aki and Reina eating, running and looking at flowers.

Reina (voice over): Aki and I played many games with each other and we had fun doing whatever. Aki taught me things and I became as smart as her. Everything was going great. Until... they told and... they came after us.

Reina is seen in a bed sleeping. Aki is poking at her.

Aki: Hey, Reina... wake up. I have something a want to show you.

Reina: ...? What?

Reina woke up and saw Aki near her.

Aki: Time to see the stars.

Aki gently grabbed Reina's hand.

Reina: Stars?

Aki: They sometimes appear in the nighttime.

With their slippers on, Aki and Reina headed outside.

(Scene cuts to them looking outside.)

Reina: These are stars.

Aki: Yes.

Reina: They are beautiful.

Aki: Yeah. They say if you see a falling star you can make a wish.

Reina: My wish is to treated right by many people and have a family.

Aki: That's my wish, too.

Reina looked at Aki suprised, then she smiled. The smile was killed off when the girls heard...

Boy: There they are, bosses! The monster and her friend!

Reina and Aki looked behind and saw all 35 of the kids with knifes, hammers, sticks and forks. They came near the duo.

Boss Tetsuo: So the traitor made friends with the monster and she made her happy, huh?

Boss Juri: How gross.

Aki started to get mad.

Aki: Dammit, Tetsuo, what the hell do you and stupid sister want now?

Boss Tetsuo: To kill you.

Aki: What?!

Boss Juri: If you're really friends with her, you need to die. You're only giving her the dumb idea of living in this world as if she's really human.

Reina: They... can't be... serious!

Aki: So she has horns on her head. Other than you and your brat squad, who cares? You guys seriously need to leave poor Reina alone and get a life!

Boss Tetsuo: What was that?

Tetsuo had 2 boys push Aki down to the grassy ground. Reina gasped.

Reina: Stop it! Leave her alone! She shouldn't be paying for this!

Boss Juri: It's her fault, you monster.

The kid crowd came near Aki, ready to attack her.

Boss Juri: You mind telling us what a human is?

Boss Tetsuo: Before she dies?

Reina started to shed tears. She looked down.

Boss Tetsuo and Boss Juri: Well?

Reina: A human... a human...

The kids were getting were closer to attacking Aki.

Reina: A human... is... NOT YOU!

After that cry, Reina's 16 vectors came up and slashed Juri. She was dead. And Tetsuo was filled with fear.

Boss Tetsuo: My sister! No!

Reina: I'm not done.

Reina killed Tetsuo and 4 kids before Aki got up.

Aki: What?

Aki gasped when she saw kids being slashed by Reina.

Aki: Reina... Reina's doing this! I got to stop her!

Aki ran after Reina as she killed the kids with her 16 vectors. When Reina silenced the screaming kids, Aki tackled her.

Aki: Stop killing, please! Reina! This isn't you! Snap out of it!

As Aki shook her, Reina woke up out of her killing personality.

Reina: Aki! I'm Ok!

Aki stopped shaking Reina.

Reina: I lost control trying to save you. God, what's wrong with me?

Aki: It's not your fault. They started it but you ended it. However killing is worng.

Reina: So what do I do?

Aki: You have to run away but I have to give you something.

Aki ran to her house and unlocked a cage with a bunny in it. That bunny is Jun. Aki ran back to Reina with Jun.

Reina: What's this?

This is Jun. He was my pet rabbit. He's yours now. Take good care of him.

Reina (voice over): She gave me Jun to remember me by and to keep me company.

Reina started to get tears in her eyes again.

Reina: Thank you, Aki. I'll never forget you.

Aki waved bye to Reina as she took Jun with her in hopes of a better life. A few moments later Reina finds Yukie on the grass as if she was spying.

Reina: Who are you?

Yukie: My name is Yukie.

Reina: What are you doing?

Yukie: Reasearch. I'm a researcher. Are you and your bunny lost or something?

Reina: We are leaving the neighborhood for good. I can't trust that many humans. Most of them hate me for these horns.

Yukie: I'm on your side. I have a daughter with horns like that.

Reina took a moment, then she and Jun came with Yukie.

(Reina's flashback ends.)

Reina: And that's how I got here.

Lucy: They tried to take down their own for being nice to you?

Akiko: That's just not right. And the punishment thing...

Reina: I know.

Lucy: That's not fair!

Akiko: You mind telling me how THEY get the idea to kill all because we have horns?

Reina: They just do.

Akiko: Oh, man.

The sisters look at the TV and it shows a cat-girl with short orange hair and white cat ears and tail playing with a few humans.

Akiko: Why can't we be treated so nicely like in the happy anime shows? Then we wouldn't have to kill to survive.

The sisters did not know that Yukie listened to their stories and she knows Lucy's.

Yukie (in her mind): Oh my. So that's what happened. They've been abused. But there are more kids who don't mind horns.


The next morning, 6:00 a.m., Akiko, Lucy and Reina were feeding Ayaka, Jun and Umi. They gave them dog kibbles, cat food, carrots, water and milk.

Lucy: Eat slowly this time, ok?

Reina: Same goes for drinking.

The pets started to eat.

Akiko: This is the first time I woke up at this time.

Lucy: Really?

Akiko: Yeah, but this is pretty good because they are showing an anime show from the 1990's.

Lucy: Is anime really popular here?

Reina: Not just in Japan. All over the world.

Akiko: But after watching that, I want to go somewhere. Like the book store.

Lucy: Are you going to pick up some more manga?

Akiko: If I can find some that I might like.

Yukie was emerging out of bed getting ready to start the day. After taking a shower she dresses up in a yellow tank top and blue jeans with white socks and white shoes. Her face looked like she had to do something very important. She cooked omelettes again and right after she finished, the Diclonius sisters came to the kitchen.

Yukie: Morning.

Lucy, Reina and Akiko: Morning.

They noticed their breakfast.

Reina: Tasty omelettes again.

Yukie: You don't mind?

Lucy: Not at all.

Akiko: Thanks, mom.

Akiko, Lucy and Reina started to eat and finished then watched morning cartoons. Yukie made a call in her bedroom.

Yukie: Hello? Hi. Would you like to set up a play date? Just for my daughters. Nice. Ok. 2:30? Yes. Perfect time. Alright. See you at that time. Bye.

Yukie hangs up the phone.

Yukie: Akiko! Lucy! Reina! After your shows, get dressed!

Lucy, Akiko and Reina: Ok!

Lucy wore a white dress with white stockings and Mary-Janes. Akiko wore a dark green shirt and blue pants with white sandals. Reina decided to take a break from dresses and wore a white shirt with a black skirt and blue shoes.

Yukie: Oh, you look so cute.

The sisters smiled.

Yukie: Anyway, I have an announcement.

Reina, Lucy and Akiko: Huh?

Yulie: I have called someone to bring their kids over here so you could meet them and play with them.

Lucy: What? No!

Akiko: Bad idea!

Reina: Big mistake, mother! Chaos will happen!

Yukie decided to play dumb.

Yukie: What makes you say that?

Lucy: Well... something happened yesterday and 4 kids tried to hurt Umi, Jun and Ayaka. So we had to go back home where it was safe.

Yukie: This is different. These kids have a father who taught them how to behave right. They have also brought a cousin.

Akiko: You still can't convince us with this!

Then a knock on the door is heard.

Yukie: Oh, that must be them.

The sisters panicked. They grabbed Umi, Ayaka and Jun and went up to their room to hide under their bed covers. Yukie opens the door.

Yukie: Welcome!

(Kohta, Kanae, Yuka and Kohta's Dad are seen.)

Kohta's Dad: Good to see you, Yukie.

Yukie: You too. Kohta, Kanae, Yuka, Are you three doing well?

Kohta: Yes. Thanks for having us.

The family bows.

Kohta's Dad: You finally have kids?

Yukie: All three of them adopted. They are a bit... different. They currently can't get along with that many kids. I'm hoping they can make great friends.

Kanae: Where are they?

Yukie: Oh, their upstairs with their pets, hiding.

(Scene goes inside the Diclonius sisters' covers.)

Lucy feels uneasy.

Reina: What's wrong?

Lucy: I feel a chill.

Akiko: Yukie must have given us off. Why?

Kohta, Yuka and Kanae went up in the sisters' room. They looked and founds 6 lumps. Yuka gently took off the covers and found a kitty, bunny, puppy and the sisters.

Yuka: Hi. Did you stay up late?

Reina: Hi.

To say "hi" to a human that was not Aki seemed to nearly kill Reina inside.

Kohta, Yuka and Kanae noticed the sisters' horns. Instead of thinking they were monsters, they thought that was the most amazing thing they ever saw.

Kohta: Wow! Are those horns coming out of your head? That's so cool!

The sisters covered themselves using the covers again.

Lucy: Do you know how much trouble these horns caused us?

Kanae: But we like them. They look nice.

Yuka: Yeah, why are you hiding them?

Akiko: Too many kids make fun of them and they try to hurt us for it.

Reina: It's safe inside home.

Kohta: You cant' spent the rest of your life inside home.

Yuka: We'll be your friends and treat you right. We promise.

Kanae: And we promise we'll be nice to your pets. They are cute, too.

The sisters decided to trust them.

Lucy: Ok, we'll go with you. Can you take us to the zoo?

Kohta: Of course. We were going to go yesterday, but it started to rain.

The sisters were surprised to here this. They grabbed random hats. The 6 kids and 3 pets made their way to the zoo. Lucy, Akiko and Reina saw the elephants first.

Lucy: Oh, wow! It's so big!

Akiko: Huge elephant! YAY!

Reina: Jun, Look! Look! Do you know what that is?

The group saw giraffes, lions and tigers. After that, Yuka took Akiko and Ayaka to the playground, Kanae took Reina and Jun to the book store and Kohta took Lucy and Umi to the lake. Thing how they should go. The kids and animals have fun together. After the fun, it starts to rain again.

Kanae: More rain?

Reina: Looks like it.

Kanae: Well, it's time for my family and me to go home, anyway.

Reina: My sisters and I have to go, too. It was a lot of fun playing with you, wasn't it Jun?

Jun twitched his whiskers. Kanae and Reina smiled to each other.

Reina: Bye-Bye.

They departed looking for their family. After walking a yard away from the book store to the clothing store, Reina and Jun saw the teacher from the orphanage. She had 4 coffins with her along with a few cars. A funeral was being planned. She was wearing a white dress with matching high-heels. Her long brown hair was in a ponytail and she had on red lipstick.

Reina: Hey, aren't you the teacher from that Children's Home?

Teacher: Yes.

Reina: Why are you so sad?

Teacher: Some people... killed all of the 4 kids there.

Reina: Lucy told Akiko and me that the boys there kept bugging her for her horns.

Reina looked at the coffins.

Reina: Coffins?

Teacher: A funeral will take place for them in 3 days.

A police car came and parked. Two police men got out of the car.

Police: Hey, miss. If you're not still too tramatized from yesterday, can you answer our questions?

The teacher looked at Reina before going to the police.

Reina: We'll watch the coffins for you.

Teacher: That's not necessary.

The teacher made her way to the police officers. When she was far enough, Reina looked around. Since no one was paying attention, she opened the coffins to take another look at the bloody mess she made with her sisters. She held her nose because of the smell of blood.

Reina: You had this coming. You should have left us alone. People who would murder others just because...

It reminded Reina too much of Aki. She closed the coffins and left for home with Jun.

The teacher and police started to talk about the murders.

Police: Now, where were you when these murders were talking place?

Teacher: I was in my office talking to the 4 couples who wanted to adopt them. We spent at least 30 minutes talking to each other.

Police 2: What kind of kids were they? What was their personality?

Teacher: Tomo was a very rowdy and rough boy. He liked to play with his friends and he had a habit of swearing. Mari was such a good girl. She always followed the rules and she never acted out. She really loved to learn. Toshio and Shoji were Tomo's friends, but they acted more like his followers.

(Toshio was the boy in the blue and white shirt. Shoji was the one in the pink shirt. Aoi was the traitor girl. I took notice that these were the only kid characters that were not named.)

The police were wrting all of this information down.

Police 2: I might sound a bit stupid for asking this, but... did they have any enemies?

The teacher looked to her left in sadness.

Teacher: Well, there was this girl.

Police: Go on.

Teacher: The girl's name was Lucy and she was a bit different from the rest of the kids, she had horns.

Policemen: Horns?

Teacher: I know it sounds odd, but I saw it. These horns were white and they were shaped like cat ears.

Police: How did the kids react to the horns?

Teacher: Terribly. Tomo and his friends always tormented her everyday. They poured her milk on her bag, knocked her down and called her names like "demon's child" and "freak".

Police 2: Whoa. That badly?

Teacher: Aoi was the only one who stood up for her. The next day, Lucy was adopted by a woman named Yukie and her two daughters, Akiko and Reina. They even found a puppy for Lucy. The funny thing is, that her sisters have the same exact horns as her. Tomo, Toshio and Shoji found out and they chased them back to Yukie. then they went home. That was the last time I saw the girls.

Police: Do you think maybe Lucy and her sisters went back to the orphanage to get revenge on Tomo and his friends for being so mean to her?

Teacher: How could a child make a murder like that? All I know is that Lucy hates that place because of Tomo.

Police: We'll come back to that. But we have pictures similar to these murders.

One of the policemen went back to the car and took out many photos and let the teacher look at them. She gasped.

Skip to End:

I decided to speed through on this.

Akiko, Lucy and Reina are taken into an office where they have to answer why they murdered the many kids. They tell them exactly how it happened and the story checks out. The police decides to let them go after seeing evidence showing the kids' cruelty towards them. The parents are upset and they try to kill the sisters. They fail and Kohta and Kanae get scared. They snapped the sisters out of killing and they asked why they kill. The sisters tell them and they left. Kohta and Kanae have their minds fixed to not remember the killings. In many years, Ayaka, Jun and Umi grow up with Lucy, Reina and Akiko. Kohta's father dies of illness. They meet Mariko, Mayu, Wanta and Nana nicely thanks to Yukie. They soon take on the D.R.I. to stop the director's plan. Yukie kills him with help of Mariko's father and Lucy. In the end, Akiko, Reina, Lucy, Mariko, Nana, Mayu, Kanae, Yuka, Kohta, Wanta, Umi, Ayaka and Jun live nicely at Yuka's house. Lucy, Akiko and Reina kills of their killer personailties and Lucy becomes Nyu forever. The End.