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Kurama Ayano
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title The Protective Diclonius
Gender Female
Race Diclonius
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Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Alive
Location Unknown
The diclonius Ayano Kurama is the older daughter of Dr. Kurama, who also is the oldest sister of Mariko Kurama.


Ayano grew up in the laboratory, watching her younger sister be mistreated during all these years.

She was very annoyed when she know that they brainwashed Mariko, who eventually forgot about who she really was, and why she was so worried about her.

Personality Edit

Ayano is a calm girl, does not talk much. But can kill someone if try to hurt her family.

Vectors Edit

Vector Range: 50m.

Strength: 26.

Speed: Very fast.

Number: 34.

Vector Special Ability: She can kill people very fast if someone look fix to her eyes.

Kills: Doesn't killed anyone.